Sunresin is an innovation oriented high-tech enterprise, specialized in supplying Ion exchange resins, adsorption & separation resins, equipment solutions and relevant technical services.

Sunresin manufactures about 50,000M³ of ion exchange resins and adsorbers annually, also supplying adsorption and separation equipment. Sunresin’s resin portfolio include about 25 product categories and more than 200 different resin types which are broadly used in industries such as:

  • Water and Waste water treatment, 
  • Food Processing, 
  • Biotech, 
  • Pharmaceuticals, 
  • Plant Extraction, 
  • Chloralkali industries,
  • Hydrometallurgy, 
  • Municipal Water Treatment


– Strong base anion

– Weak base anion

– Mixed bed

– Strong acid cation

– Strong acid cationic

Sunresin is dedicated to the industrialization of newly developed polymeric resins as well as to the exploitation of applications in emerging industries. The core technologies for all special resin products and equipments are of its Independent Intellectual Property Rights. Sunresin is holding more than 30 patents. Sunresin is certified under ISO 9001 for Quality Control System and ISO14001 for Environment Control System. It has also been awarded with Certificates from WQA Golden Seal, Kosher, CE, Halal, etc. Under worldwide recognized QC systems.